Steps to write effective Art essay

Art essay is an essay which contains all matter related to art (it can be of any kind performing art, painting etc) and the artists. It can be a research on their life it can be biography of an artist or this can be used to write about a story, a book, theater performances, painting, musicians, and piece of music or any thing which is related to the art essay structure you plan to create

If any one wants to write an art essay he can do his best if he keeps the two basic points in his mind which are:

1)      What steps the artist took to reach to his/her goals?

2)       On the second point you can write that how successfully the artist achieved the goals which he desired.

These two points provides great foundation for developing art essays without giving personal reviews. But you shouldn’t forget about art essay introduction it is an important part of your work

Here are the few easy steps to understand the art essay structure.

1) In the 1st step write about the goal which you think that the artist was trying to achieve with his efforts.

2) Then write what you think about those efforts he made to achieve his goal and about his creativeness .don’t make false statements be honest with what you are saying and I also don’t require any expertise in that art. For example if you are writing on the piano topic don’t need to be a professional piano player and you don’t need to know the basic of a pianist

3) Write your own views in 2nd paragraph 1st should be explaining everything of that art

4) Try to write art extended essay topics, write on different aspects and explain those things

The essay can be in extended in forms which are from 2000 to 3000 words some art extended essay topics are Romeo Juliet discovering Leonardo Da Vinci