Writing Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing that a student is required to investigate a certain subject and evaluate evidence  so that one to comes up with a concise position on the topic. An argumentative essay is sometimes confused with a expository but the former requires more research papers. An argumentative essay is usually given by the tutors as a final project or as a capstone project. It is often common for an argumentative essay to involve research of published materials such as journals. The essay should consist of a strong thesis statement as well as logical flow of information. The purpose of writing argumentative essay is to allow the student to understand the topic better from different angles. From the different points of view the student then has to choose a position and give it support based on evidence from literature or other relevant material. Some tutors ask the students to collect data by conducting surveys, experiments, observation or based on questionnaires and include it in the argumentative essay.

The first paragraph of the argumentative essay should review the subject in a general way. The next thing is the explanation of the author stating why the topic is important or why readers should be concerned about the topic. The last part should state the thesis statement which should be minimized appropriately in order possess a good flow that makes the rest of the argumentative essay coherent. Depending on the length of the essays, a few paragraphs should discuss the conflicting opinions of the subject in question.