How to proofread your art essay: basic recommendations

Writing papers is an integral part of college degree obtaining. Unfortunately, this process usually causes huge stress among the students. They find it extremely difficult to organize art essay writing process and when the paper is ready they face the problem of how to proofread art essay writing properly. In this article, we will try to make you sure that art essay proofreading can be enjoyable and help you to learn a lot of interesting information about particular area of art. All art essays follow a particular format, structure, writing and citation styles. Knowing all the basic requirements will help you to make the process of art essay proofreading easier.

  1. Be ready to read you art essay more than several times. Clarify the requirements that your professor has provided you with. Make sure that your essay includes required number of words and specific number of pages. Find out that the font and it size meet the essay writing requirements. If it is necessary to include images and references into the paper, make sure you have accomplished this task.
  2. Proofread art essay paying attention to the overall structure of the paper. Usually, art essay includes an introduction section, middle paragraphs and conclusion section.
  3. When you proofread art essay make sure to correctly cite the authors if you refer to some direct quotes of the other writers.
  4. Consult your professor concerning the style that should be used in the essay (Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA etc.) and make sure you use the proper one in your own art project.
  5. Check if all the paragraphs flow smoothly and fit together in logical order.
  6. Don’t forget to devote much attention to the conclusion part of your art essay. This section should summarize what you have written before.
  7. Introduction is an important section of art essay. Here you inform your reader what your paper is about and provide the thesis statement you are going to prove. Make sure, the introduction section is linked to the middle paragraphs.

  8. Check the formatting details (size of the margin, page numbering, layout of the paper etc.).

  9. Check several times your references. You have to be 100% sure that the work cited in the text is properly referenced in the reference list.

  10. Make a full grammar and spelling check. Ask professor or a friend to read your paper and provide you with the comments.

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