Custom Case Study and Research Papers

A capstone project is a final paper written at the end of an undergraduate degree. It usually is a large project that is supervised by a professor and usually requires extensive research papers. A capstone project has several fulfillments to be made. A title page has to be made as it is the first thing that gives the reader information of what it is all about. It is crucial since it is also very effective. The abstract follows the title page and it gives the summary of the capstone project. It usually includes the problem statement as well as the objectives of the study and the outcome of the custom case study. A capstone project also contains a copyright page and states that the work is original and has not presented anywhere else and it should not be duplicated without permission .

A capstone project has an introductory part that is very detailed and gives an overview of the problems to be addressed and components of the problems are also addressed. Following the introduction is the methodology, it details any method that is utilized in the capstone project. The methods used in the research may include interviews, questionnaires, surveys etc. The result section is very important in the capstone project, it shows the findings from the methods of research used. The results should be critically discussed and compared with other similar studies. It is at this point that the limitations of the study and how they can be solved. The conclusion of the capstone project writing is quite important and is given according to the results that were obtained. The last and final part consists of a separate reference page and finally acknowledgements.