College Art Essay: The Devil is not so Bad as He is Painted!

Writing an art essay can be quite a challenging task especially when your knowledge and writing skills leave much to be desired. If you’re provided with essay instruction, follow them to meet your tutor’s expectations, in not, we will provide you with basic tips on how to properly accomplish comparison art college essay. Why so many students shake with fear when they’re assigned with comparison art college essay? The point is that it is quite difficult to interpret this or that work of art and compare it to some other that also requires interpretation. Moreover, students have to learn some information about the artist and period of time when he lived.

  • Conduct a thorough research related to the historical context of every work of art. In order to understand some work of art better, you have to fully realize what kind of circumstances this masterpiece was created in. try to understand the inner world of the artist, what kind of person he was, what sort of innovations he was trying to convey. When you’re 100% aware of these facts, you will be able to interpret the meaning of the work of art. In order to understand the person who was the author of the work, you will also have to understand the epoch in which he lived. Thus, you’re working on art and politics essay which should be based upon history facts.
  • Before you start working on your art and politics essay, you have to sit down, take a note book and a pencil and put down all the similarities and differences of every work. Investigating every paper, you have to consider political, historical, religious and philosophical differences of the epoch when the work of art was created. What can you learn from these works? Do these works include some symbolism elements? If yes, explain how these symbols differ and what elements make them similar? What do these symbols tell you?
  • Create your essay. Once you have analyzed every work of art next step is to generate a thesis statement related to the analysis you have conducted. Then you have to compare and contrast all the elements of every work of art and tell your reader how all the methods used by the artists were similar. The most important recommendation related to writing a good comparison and contrast essay is that you have to be as concise and clear as possible, but also provide as many details about every composition elements as possible.

Don’t forget about the revision. If you’re longing for the highest grades you have to give enough time to read your essay once again and correct it. Remember, even the most talented writers are not satisfied with what they have got on the first try. Ask someone else (the person you respect and trust) to revise your paper and point out main incorrectness.  Getting some help from a family member, close friend or group mate is an amazing way to improve your writing and get positive comments from your audience.

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