Art Comparison Essay and Its Structure

Most commonly art written essays address the history of art. The history of art is effectively described by an essay that compares different eras and different themes of those eras. An art comparison essay would take one era or one perspective of art and then describe it in contrast with the others. Art comparison essay would be descriptive in nature and is used for the description of one specific topic of art and they are useful to introduce art to a junior class or semester.

In any essay, the structure or body of the essay is very important. The argument that art essay titles put forward are tackled in the body and an effective art essay structure is the tool through which this goal is achieved.

The structure has to be in accordance with the titles so that it proves the authenticity of the titles. If your argument is complex and difficult to handle, then the writer should opt for “bottom up” approach for persuasion. The bottom up approach would start from the origin and would gradually lead to the conclusion giving strong evidences in the middle or on the way up. If you opt for a “top down” approach then it might get complicated. These are structural approaches and they reinforce the importance of art essay structure.

If you are writing an art essay, then first of all you should decide is a precise topic to argue upon. If you are a new student or writer then it is good to choose history or a small era in history of art rather than choosing a technique. If you choose a technique then it would be more technical and more complex and would need perfection of style and knowledge to accomplish this task. The other benefit of writing on history is that one would get very simple and clear data on the internet where as techniques and related data can be grasped only by the experts of the field.