Art’s Impact on My Life Essay

One area of art that has an impact on my life is music. Music is a part of everything in my life. Since I was a little girl, I use music to relax, as a mood changer, and for just about everything else in my life. I think that every person should have music in their life because it is so powerful.

When I was a little girl, I loved music. All of our home videos have me dancing and singing to music. Somehow it has always been able to put me in a good mood. I used to play music and perform for my family like I was a super-star. I never really had any talent in the singing department, so it was never really taken serious; however it was always so much fun. My mom used to always play music when I was going to sleep too. From the time I was a baby, she would play some type of either classical music, trying to make my brain cells work harder, or some type of nursery rhyme that would just put me to sleep.

I can remember in Jr. High School, I was in band for the two years it was available. I played the clarinet and loved it. I loved music and I loved the fact that I could make it. It had always been made fun of that only “nerds” played in the band, but I did not care because I wanted to do this. I seriously doubt that if someone handed me a clarinet today and asked me to play, I would not even know where to begin, but at that time in my life, it was what I needed to be doing.

Music has probably had the most impact on my life during the current times of my life. I incorporate music into everything in my life today. I have a play-list on my computer of music I listen to in the morning when I am getting ready. This music is quite upbeat and fun and it gets me going. I also have music that I listen to when I am studying that is more of the softer tone that helps me to concentrate. Then there is the music I listen to when I am angry or upset at something. This music consists of hard core rock and such to let me get all my anger out in a safe way. When I am going to bed at night, I have a set of songs that are softer and soothing that help me to go to sleep.

For every situation that has occurred in my life, I have found a song that relates to it. If I am in a relationship, and I am extremely happy, there is a song for it. Or if I just broke up with my boyfriend, I can find a song that fits that. Every person that is a singer goes through the same stuff that every other person goes through in their life, and then they write a song about it. Once in a while, you may hear a song that changes your ways for some reason or another. Music is so powerful, some people don’t realize the effect it can have on their life.

I personally don’t see how a person can live a life with no musical influence. My roommate and I love to just download songs that we like and make a CD to listen to anywhere, anytime. People make fun of us because we will put the most random songs together on a CD. We go from having a sweet country song, to a wild rock song, to a fun pop song, and so on. My mom thinks it’s crazy that I can put so much different music together onto one CD. I think it’s better to have a little variety as opposed to limiting yourself to one type of music.

In conclusion, music is a form of art that has and still does make a huge impact on my life. From putting me to sleep as a baby, to making shows as a little girl, to helping me deal with my emotions as an adult, and so on. I use music everyday in everything I do. Christina Aguilera, Hoobastank, Garth Brooks, Marilyn Monroe, you name it, I listen to it. I can’t image my life without music. Music has had more of an impact on my life than probably any other form of art.

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