Advertising Adam and Eve Essay

This particular advertisment is a two page layout found in the modern home magazine called Dwell. It has a verbal communication statement in the bottom right hand corner of the ad. “THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER.” This statement is regarded as the theme of the entire ad. In the top left hand corner you will see the phone number, web address, creator of the ad, and a short description of the products being sold. The statement reads, “The Purist Suite featuring sak bath and Purist lavatory. Tempting, isn’t it?” In the non-verbal communication part of the ad, you will find a remake of the Adam and Eve story as told in the Bible and the Holy Quran. While Adam and Eve stare at the tub and sink, and Eve holds the apple, it is implying that these products are tempting to humans just as the first human beings were tempted to eat the fruit. Both of the characters are dressed in skimpy and tight outfits that have designs of flowers and stems. This is sexually implying that the two are in transition of going in the tub together in root of their temptation. Through sexual and tempting desires, the products shown in the ad appeal to the consumer by selling them more than just what is shown in the advertisment. Using the proper techniques to project the ad in front of the reader, the author appeals to its audience by drawing a comparison of the beginning of time and the temptation of Eve.

Adam is looking at the bath tub while Eve stars at the sink. The tub and sink are the products the ad is trying to sell its intended audience. The behavioral traits both characters are projecting are full of lust and desire. They see the sink and tub as their inner temptations of self indulgence. Their bodies are pointed straight toward the tub and the sink. This implies that the characters are giving the products their full and utmost attention. Adam has a robust and physically fit body. This suggests that only men with bodies as built as the character are allowed in the tub. Eve has a sexy body with slender legs and a more than average size breasts. This suggest that only women who fit this profile may wash their hands in the sink.

The apple tree in between both the characters is of historical reference. Eve has an apple in her hand. According to the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, God forbid Eve to eat fruit from the tree. With her temptation of human desire, she picked and ate the apple against Gods will. This advertisment is portraying the very same story. Instead the products are being perceived as tempting.

Ethos: Credibility is established by the reputation of the magizine. Dwell is a pretigious magazine in the home furniture industry that caters to the tastes of upper class dwellers in suburban and urban area. This particular ad is found in the third page of the magizine and is a two page layout. Usually, advertisments in the front of the magizine are the most noticed. The authors name is also written in the top right hand corner beside the contact information.
Pathos: The characters in the ad are catching feelings of lust, temptation, amazment, and human desire. Emotions are running high because the two are so tempted to lay in the bath tub together. Emotional stimulation is erected by the depiction of the clothing, body positioning, body figure, and the comparison of the apple tree to the biblic times of Adam and Eve.

The author is not concerned with logic in depicting the advertisment. It is common sense that an apple tree will not be in the middle of a tiled bathroom floor. Also, ones humanistic desires as compared to Adam and Eve are not met with the sale of these bathroom facilities.

With the creative tecniques being implemented by the author of this advertisment, sexual temptations of desires are being used to sell these products to their audience. The illustration of physically fit bodies and skimpy outfits depicts the superficial attitude that only the good looking are allowed to use these lavatory facilities. With this in mind, the advertisment is obviously trying to sell sex and temptation with the products. The author is trying to target wealthy clientales whose average income rate is between 120,000/year to 300,000/year. Individuals with this houshold income range can be the only ones who can afford such a bathroom. The fact that an individual needs a bathroom illustrated in the ad shows that there would be no need for anyone below the income rate to acquire this lavatory. This advertisment appeals only to the upperclass men and women because it soley matches their tastes and preferences.

The men and women who have slim and fit features are also included in the target audience. The ones who look good enough as the characters in the ad are also potential clients of the company. The way both characters squint their eyes implies the lust and desire they have for the products being presented. The apple tree in the middle and the apple in Eve’s hand is a symbolic meaning of self indulgence. One is indulging in their desires if they were to go out and buy these products. The ad suggests that the temption is as comparable as to the story of Adam and Eve. These two depictions create a link to the claim and the ground of the Toulmin model.