Advertising Adam and Eve Essay

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This particular advertisment is a two page layout found in the modern home magazine called Dwell. It has a verbal communication statement in the bottom right hand corner of the ad. “THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER.” This statement is regarded as the theme of the entire ad. In the top left hand corner you will [...]

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Gin Lane essay

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Gin Lane is one of the strongest didactic engravings by William Hogarth. It is a graphic lecture on the evils of drinking gin which, in his words, produces “idleness, poverty, misery and distress, which drives even to madness and death.” Hogarth makes his point very well by using shocking, horrible scenes. On the left side [...]

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Vincent O’sullivans Shuriken essay

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The cultural encounter that took place in Shuriken was not simply a dramatic one. The Japenese Prisoner of War camp in Featherston actually existed and the events in fact occurred. There had never before been a prisoner of war camp for Japanese solider’s. The guards involved had no experience as guards and were called up [...]

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