When Do I Need Help With Math?


I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where majority in the household love math. I love math so much. I love numbers and I love solving math problems. I find something in there that constantly challenges myself, intellectually.


Do I need help with math? I’m not a nerdy type of guy and I’m not a genius but I don’t have problems with math, that’s for sure. I must admit though, that I occasionally seek help from someone else who might have good answers to the problems which have befuddled me for minutes or even hours without getting them right. Yes, I do my math sometimes with the help of someone else. That’s a natural course of learning. You can’t always have the right answer to every problem. You don’t study a thing that you already know, do you? You study something that you still don’t know so that you will learn and subsequently gain knowledge.


Math should be a very interesting subject to all students. Yes, there are factors that hinder students to appreciate the subject. Not because they find it hard to learn but because they are scared of numbers which seem intimidating. That scare might have originated from their teachers who failed to embody the idea of math in our day-to-day life. I solve my math problems with enthusiasm and due diligence. Because in math, sometimes, you need to think a lot. And that’s the beauty of it. It shouldn’t discourage students to study the subject though.


Math shouldn’t be a chore. It should be an integral part of our school life. Whenever I do my math, I see to it that I have enough time to spare for my other subjects or anything else for that matter.

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How to Accomplish Art Essay?


When you’re assigned with art essay topics you need to know that art essay is an intellectual and critical evaluation of some work of art.

Art essay is difficult to accomplish for the reason that students cannot find the balance between “critical” and “personal” inputs. Your task is to balance these approaches in accordance with their relevance. Avail of art essay examples on the web and you’ll see that art essay about some article is far more critical than art essay on books and movies which are quite subjective and personal.

If you surf online for art essay examples, you’ll see tat is has standard structure. Thus, art essay structure includes introduction. In this section you have to provide the name of the artist together with the title of the work of art you’re going to discuss.

Don’t provide the bibliography of the artist but make sure to state the artistic movement he or she belonged to and mention the particular work of art in the artist’s artistic biography. If possible, you can account for the place of exposition (location and name of the museum). And finally, make a list of a number of aspects of the sculpture or painting that will make up the subject of your analysis.

Art essay structure: Body Paragraphs

Preferably, art essay paragraphs should be composed of three paragraphs. Every paragraph should discuss your thoughts and impressions related to the work of art in question. Your task is to properly organize argumentation in the body section of the essay.

You may write the paragraphs in different styles which will make the essay authentically reflective writing and will enrich all the statements.

Art essay argumentation is an integral part of the paper. Argumentation presented in the project on art should be properly organized according to the paragraphs. Exposition, classification and definition paragraphs all seem to be very useful in this type of critical writing. The description for the sculpture or painting shouldn’t be presented in detail, but your task is to provide enough info for the readers who are not acquainted with it.

  • Put the work of art in the artist’s creativity context and link it to the artistic movement it is derived from. Does the painting include some elements of autobiographical nature?
  • Write about all historical, social and political conditions of the painting or the sculpture in question. Was the painting or any other work of art some sort of response to social phenomenon of that epoch? Is this painting some representation of any political viewpoint? Has this painting played any historical role since the first time it was exhibited publically?
  • Provide comments about the author’s artistic skills. Can you say that the technique used by the artist is unilateral? Does it come from several different styles?
  • Keep your mind on every single detail – you have to provide your viewpoint on shading, canvas types, emotion and focus.


To make your paper shine brightly, you need to generate well-considered conclusion. Art essay should involve a short summarization as well as the restatement of all the points you’ve covered in your argumentation. It has to account for general thoughts and impressions related to the sculpture or painting and an estimation of its significance in the history of art. The conclusive section can also be focused on the question of its relevance with value of contemporary art movements and styles.

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Writing an Art Essay – What to Start With?


In fact, the art essay structure doesn’t actually has any specific features that are not met in most other kinds of essays, and the same advice may be applied to writing every particular part of it: art essay introduction should be interesting and to the point, so that the reader’s attention is caught from the very beginning, the main part is supposed to explore the issue in question and lead to the conclusion that shouldn’t be simply attached to the bulk of the essay but derived from it.

When selecting among art essay topics don’t try to imagine what you expected to write or what is supposed to please your professor – more often than not most of the students think along the same lines and tend to supply him with a great amount of similar texts – try to think about a topic that is interesting to yourself, the one you know a little bit more than most other people. It is very likely that you will write better on the thing you are genuinely interested in.

The best example is an essay in which about a particular piece of art. The most common art essay introduction for this type of writing is trying to determine what was the artist’s goal when he was creating it? What, in your opinion, he wanted to express? Or, perhaps, there is some definite historical information concerning this? Try to find out, make a little bit of research.

Then, all in accordance with art essay structure, answer another question: did the artist manage to achieve his purpose? What makes you think so, what aspects of the painting make you believe he wanted to say something in particular?

Follow these general guidelines and it is most likely that you will write a good art essay of your own.

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College Art Essay: The Devil is not so Bad as He is Painted!

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Writing an art essay can be quite a challenging task especially when your knowledge and writing skills leave much to be desired. If you’re provided with essay instruction, follow them to meet your tutor’s expectations, in not, we will provide you with basic tips on how to properly accomplish comparison art college essay. Why so many students shake with fear when they’re assigned with comparison art college essay? The point is that it is quite difficult to interpret this or that work of art and compare it to some other that also requires interpretation. Moreover, students have to learn some information about the artist and period of time when he lived.

  • Conduct a thorough research related to the historical context of every work of art. In order to understand some work of art better, you have to fully realize what kind of circumstances this masterpiece was created in. try to understand the inner world of the artist, what kind of person he was, what sort of innovations he was trying to convey. When you’re 100% aware of these facts, you will be able to interpret the meaning of the work of art. In order to understand the person who was the author of the work, you will also have to understand the epoch in which he lived. Thus, you’re working on art and politics essay which should be based upon history facts.
  • Before you start working on your art and politics essay, you have to sit down, take a note book and a pencil and put down all the similarities and differences of every work. Investigating every paper, you have to consider political, historical, religious and philosophical differences of the epoch when the work of art was created. What can you learn from these works? Do these works include some symbolism elements? If yes, explain how these symbols differ and what elements make them similar? What do these symbols tell you?
  • Create your essay. Once you have analyzed every work of art next step is to generate a thesis statement related to the analysis you have conducted. Then you have to compare and contrast all the elements of every work of art and tell your reader how all the methods used by the artists were similar. The most important recommendation related to writing a good comparison and contrast essay is that you have to be as concise and clear as possible, but also provide as many details about every composition elements as possible.

Don’t forget about the revision. If you’re longing for the highest grades you have to give enough time to read your essay once again and correct it. Remember, even the most talented writers are not satisfied with what they have got on the first try. Ask someone else (the person you respect and trust) to revise your paper and point out main incorrectness.  Getting some help from a family member, close friend or group mate is an amazing way to improve your writing and get positive comments from your audience.

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How to proofread your art essay: basic recommendations

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Writing papers is an integral part of college degree obtaining. Unfortunately, this process usually causes huge stress among the students. They find it extremely difficult to organize art essay writing process and when the paper is ready they face the problem of how to proofread art essay writing properly. In this article, we will try to make you sure that art essay proofreading can be enjoyable and help you to learn a lot of interesting information about particular area of art. All art essays follow a particular format, structure, writing and citation styles. Knowing all the basic requirements will help you to make the process of art essay proofreading easier.

  1. Be ready to read you art essay more than several times. Clarify the requirements that your professor has provided you with. Make sure that your essay includes required number of words and specific number of pages. Find out that the font and it size meet the essay writing requirements. If it is necessary to include images and references into the paper, make sure you have accomplished this task.
  2. Proofread art essay paying attention to the overall structure of the paper. Usually, art essay includes an introduction section, middle paragraphs and conclusion section.
  3. When you proofread art essay make sure to correctly cite the authors if you refer to some direct quotes of the other writers.
  4. Consult your professor concerning the style that should be used in the essay (Chicago, MLA, APA, AMA etc.) and make sure you use the proper one in your own art project.
  5. Check if all the paragraphs flow smoothly and fit together in logical order.
  6. Don’t forget to devote much attention to the conclusion part of your art essay. This section should summarize what you have written before.
  7. Introduction is an important section of art essay. Here you inform your reader what your paper is about and provide the thesis statement you are going to prove. Make sure, the introduction section is linked to the middle paragraphs.

  8. Check the formatting details (size of the margin, page numbering, layout of the paper etc.).

  9. Check several times your references. You have to be 100% sure that the work cited in the text is properly referenced in the reference list.

  10. Make a full grammar and spelling check. Ask professor or a friend to read your paper and provide you with the comments.

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Winning art essay secrets

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Writing an art essay might be considered as a rare type of essay to meet with in one’s academic race but it is one of the most creative types of essays which students can use as their backing up device. The main ingredient of an art essay is the creativity which must be shown in elevated form. Good art essays always reflect the skills of its author so it is important to write an art essay with a fully enthusiastic mind.

An art essay being of an artistic nature must show the subject chosen in its golden form. First of all author must choose a correct subject with enough information and sources. If there is a lack of choices art essay topics can be found online. In order to get help with art essay topics, one can try using professional writing services online. The basic success behind writing essays is achieved by choosing good art essay ideas. An art essay can be written on any piece of work done in the part by an artist, from a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci to the Big Ben designed by Edmund Beckett Denison.

Once the topic is chosen the next step requires a pause and at this moment the author must try to understand the main motive of the artist which performing the chosen act or art. Keeping an eye on the critics of the work done by an artist is the key to write a winning art essay. Like every essay format plays an important part in its presentation. Along with the formatting a perfect flow in the essay gives a good glow. It is always recommended to present a perfectly edited essay. If students doubt, it’s wiser to try online editing services.

If you feel like writing an art essay but the various difficulties are bothering you, we offer you to try our online essay writing service along with our essay editing help. We provide original art essays which are 100% written free from scratch and always delivered at your door steps before the time expires.

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Quick Online Help Writing Art Essay Outline


It may be very difficult to create art essay without good outline. To write art essay outline means to help yourself to put all your arguments into logical order. If you’ve been looking for a reliable place where to get art essay outline you’ve got to the right address! We won’t tell you where to get art essay outline but we will give you a piece of good advice you may take.

Firstly, begin to write art essay outline with defining the main argument of your essay. Just ask yourself what aspect you want your audience to believe in? Next step is to write down your thesis statement. The thesis statement is usually presented as one sentence which is usually posted at the end of the opening paragraph of art essay.

Continue to write art essay outline by developing the topic of your art essay. Make notes of all the ideas concerning what you know about the art topic you’ve chosen to help writing art essay outline faster. For example, if you’ve decided to write about Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, you will have to jot down all the facts you have searched about this masterpiece.

Organize the ideas you jotted down in order to bring your topic together. Look through the text and pick the most general ideas which should then become the main headings. Put in order more detailed ideas to make them subheadings for your essay.

Think about the art essay format. Make up your mind concerning the using of Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, capital letters etc.

Before you complete art essay outline, you need to carefully review the sentences you’ve included into headings and subheading. Remember, in case with main headings you will have to include strong arguments and strong points in case with the subheadings.

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Where to Get Art Essay Ideas


Art is the discipline that offers one of the most considerable freedoms of choice among the other academic subjects. A person who wonders where to get art essay ideas should simply look around or look through any book about art and then he is sure to find numerous examples of topics that may serve as the bases for good essays. There are, however, several typical principles that can be easily adapted for the majority of themes to produce a viable theme.

A lot of creative art essay ideas are based on such a simple notion as comparison. You simply select two or more objects, artistic styles, artists and draw parallels between them or, on the contrary, show what is different about them, why one preceded the other and so on. However simple it may seem to be, it often makes the best art essay idea one manages to think about at short notice.

Of course, deep analysis style is also available among other creative art essay ideas, also it is a somewhat difficult to manage if you are not accustomed to this kind of work. It requires the usage of certain methods that are generally have been developed long ago and should be performed in a particular manner, which means that the best ways to overwhelm this task is to consult your teacher and find out whether he or she has any particular preferences in the field of formatting and analysis.

And of course you should remember that the best art essay idea is the idea that has some person appeal for you. If you happen to be interested in works of Leonardo Da Vinci, or Dadaism, or something else, try to select this topic if you are given enough freedom in choice of the topic.

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Writing College Art Essay: Step by Step Scheme


Wonder how to write college art essay to impress your professor? Before you start art college essay writing, you need to first of all do that on the basis of two questions, such as: what kind of goal has the artist set to achieve? Did he accomplish what he was longing to? These 2 simple questions will form the basis for your paper, be it the book, painting, movie, music review. The main point that takes a lot of time is the process of analyzing the work of art. Moreover, it is important to make a firm outline that will ease the writing college art essay process.

Firstly, try to find out what kind of object the artist pursued when he/she was creating this work of art. For example, Black Square painted by Kazimir Malevich in 1915, is a stunning painting. But the point is that you do not know exactly what did the artist want to express when he created this masterpiece. A lot of critics have dedicated their works to this painting. Do you have some ideas concerning the purpose of this painting? Lots of! In your art college essay you can conclude that Malevich was trying to express his emotional state. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. You don’t have to be professional art critic to write an essay about Black Square.

Provide the information concerning the variables used in the process of creating of work of art. In case with the Black Square the variables will be presented by means of material used for painting creation (surface, paint etc.), composition, palette of colors, detail levels etc. when you describe the work of art, it is not allowed to use first person even if these are your own thoughts and ideas. A rough thesis statement concerning the topic of your art essay should be “Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square is a bright example of the Suprematist works of the artist that is still enveloped by mystery even nowadays”. Never present your statement as “Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square is wonderful”.

If you wonder how to write college art essay in the best manner, you need to remember, that the introduction of it should be engaging and the conclusion must be satisfying.

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What Art Research Paper Topics are the Best?


For an art student it may be hard sometimes to choose a single art research paper topic among all of them that are in existence. If you don’t have definitely expressed inclination to this or that period or trend of art all of them may actually seem and feel to be the same or at least equivalent. So sometimes the problem is not exactly the absence of topics as such but rather their abundance which makes it much more confusing to select anything in particular.

If you are at sea in what concerns the art research paper topics you may use try to be creative. Think about the aspects of the discipline you like most, about a subtype of a certain style that is not very widely known or described in corresponding literature in detail. If there is any particular work of art that you are interested in or which is important for you – use it, deal with its author, its correspondence to the place and period of time when it has been created.

Another example of a promising art research paper topic is comparison of two trends in art or, alternatively, two slightly different variations of one and the same trend – if there is something common between two things it is always easier to point out what is different. As you have probably already spent some time studying art there shouldn’t be shortage of situations in which it is possible to use one of the above mentioned principles.

As you may see, there is no difficulty in finding good and interesting topics for arts research papers, the difficulty is only in your attitude towards this work. Find something you are actually interested with and all the problems will be successfully overcome.

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