How to Accomplish Art Essay?

When you’re assigned with art essay topics you need to know that art essay is an intellectual and critical evaluation of some work of art.

Art essay is difficult to accomplish for the reason that students cannot find the balance between “critical” and “personal” inputs. Your task is to balance these approaches in accordance with their relevance. Avail of art essay examples on the web and you’ll see that art essay about some article is far more critical than art essay on books and movies which are quite subjective and personal.

If you surf online for art essay examples, you’ll see tat is has standard structure. Thus, art essay structure includes introduction. In this section you have to provide the name of the artist together with the title of the work of art you’re going to discuss.

Don’t provide the bibliography of the artist but make sure to state the artistic movement he or she belonged to and mention the particular work of art in the artist’s artistic biography. If possible, you can account for the place of exposition (location and name of the museum). And finally, make a list of a number of aspects of the sculpture or painting that will make up the subject of your analysis.

Art essay structure: Body Paragraphs

Preferably, art essay paragraphs should be composed of three paragraphs. Every paragraph should discuss your thoughts and impressions related to the work of art in question. Your task is to properly organize argumentation in the body section of the essay.

You may write the paragraphs in different styles which will make the essay authentically reflective writing and will enrich all the statements.

Art essay argumentation is an integral part of the paper. Argumentation presented in the project on art should be properly organized according to the paragraphs. Exposition, classification and definition paragraphs all seem to be very useful in this type of critical writing. The description for the sculpture or painting shouldn’t be presented in detail, but your task is to provide enough info for the readers who are not acquainted with it.

  • Put the work of art in the artist’s creativity context and link it to the artistic movement it is derived from. Does the painting include some elements of autobiographical nature?
  • Write about all historical, social and political conditions of the painting or the sculpture in question. Was the painting or any other work of art some sort of response to social phenomenon of that epoch? Is this painting some representation of any political viewpoint? Has this painting played any historical role since the first time it was exhibited publically?
  • Provide comments about the author’s artistic skills. Can you say that the technique used by the artist is unilateral? Does it come from several different styles?
  • Keep your mind on every single detail – you have to provide your viewpoint on shading, canvas types, emotion and focus.


To make your paper shine brightly, you need to generate well-considered conclusion. Art essay should involve a short summarization as well as the restatement of all the points you’ve covered in your argumentation. It has to account for general thoughts and impressions related to the sculpture or painting and an estimation of its significance in the history of art. The conclusive section can also be focused on the question of its relevance with value of contemporary art movements and styles.

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